Sunday, April 5, 2009

So saith the shepherd.

Well, today is one of those watershed, milestone, landmark kinda days I suspect few writers get to enjoy. Today, I received from Joel Rosenberg the cover quote for my novel:

"Okay, I give: Drown's book hooked me. I want to see what he does next."

I first read Joel's book, The Sleeping Dragon, back in 1985, and came away transformed. That was the book that spoke to me, that resonated pitch-perfectly, that made me stop and realize storytelling was something at which I'd really like to try my hand.

And now, a mere 24 years later, here I am, with Joel Rosenberg hooked, addicted, strung out on my opiate word-smithing!

Okay, a bit more soberly: Had you told me way back when that one day would I not only see the release of my own book, but on its cover would appear an endorsement from one of my favorite writers, the very writer who got my proverbial ball rolling ... well, I'd have been afraid to believe such a thing.

In fact, I kinda still am.

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