Monday, December 8, 2008

Not content with boring those he lives with.

This past May, Tyrannosaurus Press, a small speculative fiction publisher (formerly out of New Orleans but recently Katrina'd into Baton Rouge) offered to publish my first novel, A Mage of None Magic. After a brief and amiable period of negotiation, I very happily signed on the dotted line and became officially under contract.

Over the summer the book has undergone a careful and lengthy line edit (prolonged, I'm gratified to say, mostly by external circumstances rather than any real deficiency with the prose). And now, finally, the book is on the verge of being typeset. After that will come another short round of read-throughs, and then—allapeanutbuttersandwiches!—it'll be an actual, factual novel. One that you can see, touch, and if you so choose, taste. But really, purchasing and reading will be all that's required of you. And actually, not even so much the reading part.

Alongside that, I've been working on the first draft of my second novel, tentatively titled A Sister to Butterflies. I think I'm in the final third of that story. On the back burner, though now more fully in mind than it has been in quite some time, the follow-up to my first novel, Banner of the Apostate—also tentatively titled.

So, yes, 2009 should be quite the interesting year—knock on wood. And I couldn't be more excited.

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