Sunday, October 17, 2010

Knowing which ones to keep.

So, Saturday was a long day. A good day, mind you, but long. I headed out to Hot Springs, Arkansas a little after lunchtime for a 5 o'clock book signing and reading at the Artchurch Studio. Soon afterward I drove right back, getting home a little after 1 in the morning. That's not a complaint, just so you know. Not at all. It was a perfect day and the Ozark foothills were gorgeous.

Artchurch Studio is now on my list of places I'm most glad to have discovered; an old church converted into a classroom and gathering place for the purposes of teaching and creating and community. Old faded brick and dark lacquered wood. Stained glass and paint splattered tables. There are even pews to accompany the huge pipe organ embedded in the far wall. And, of course, on every other wall, are artworks of every size and shape and medium. Next time you're in Hot Springs, drop by. It'll make you smile.

Many thanks to the folks at Artchurch for their wonderful hospitality, and to my new friends at Imagicopter for putting the evening together — especially to H. David Blalock, for orchestrating it all. Oh, and special thanks to the little old lady who said I looked much handsomer in person than I did in the photo on the back of my book. Seems age does carry with it a certain wisdom, after all.


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