Sunday, December 19, 2010

Strolling the Red Carpet.

Vicksburg is an easy drive—straight down I-55, hang a right at Jackson. Which makes sense, really, since it's literally just downstream on the banks of the Mississippi, more or less halfway between Memphis and the ocean.

More importantly, though, Vicksburg is a really neat town that I intend to visit again when I have more time to explore. Particularly the battlefield, and then downtown, which to me with all its boxy brickness looks like it just celebrated the turning of the eighteen hundreds to the nineteen hundreds. And I mean that in the best possible way. Did you know Coca-Cola was bottled there for the first time? I'll bet you didn't.

Had a good time there. Got to see some folks who've become friends, got to meet some more who were just plain friendly. Including the mayor, who was nice enough to come down to the event and offer some words of appreciation. I did a quick interview for one of the local stations, but can't recall which. Just as well, really, seeing as how I began with the ever-classic and timelessly smooth, "Uh, are you ready? Start talking now?"

Because I'm media savvy, you see.

The Mississippi River in the distance, from the side stoop of the Vicksburg Library.

Herika Raymer, plotting her next brilliant Imagicopter marketing move.

My pal, Brett Mann, for some reason thinking I can't see him.

Jennifer Mulvihill, Chuck Jett and Roland Mann.

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  1. You should definitely tour the battlefield. It's better to do it with someone who knows the battle, but failing that, get the tour tape (cd) and take your time in the park. Get out and stand inside North Fort...but then also go to the bottom and try to "charge" up as they did in the fight. Oh, might grab a 7 lb. stick or so just for giggles. It'll give you a new appreciation.
    ALSO, closer to you is Shiloh. Preservation-wise, it is a much better park because it's pretty much like it was in 1862. Vicksburg is good, but the city has grown up all around it and trees have grown on the park obscuring some views. Don't let that stop you from going, though. Still a great park!