Wednesday, December 7, 2011

There is but one art, to omit.

This past Saturday evening I met with the second of the two reading groups I'd snookered into taking the rough draft of my novel, A Sister to Butterflies, out for a spin. Unlike the first gathering of folks, who by design leaned a bit more toward a preference for fantasy and science fiction, this second group was comprised pretty much of straight and narrow mainstream readers — also by design, thinking as I do that the book has potential for a wider readership than the relatively niche audience of my first, A Mage of None Magic. And, I'm happy to post that I wasn't disappointed. The book seems to have been very well received, even unpolished as it is for the moment. The discussion was thoughtful, honest and in the end very encouraging. While everyone had different parts they liked more than others, everyone pretty much agreed on what needed fixing — thankfully, the same things both I and previous group had decided needed fixing as well — and that overall I'd concocted a really nice story. So, bolstered and buoyed, it's time to crack open the red felt tips and set myself to lopping. And afterward, hopefully, to fling this one out into the world.

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