Monday, August 10, 2009

The distinct sound of a fat lady clearing her throat.

Today in the mail I received my shipment of author's copies of Mage—the final, finished, completed book. So now, as they say, it belongs to the ages.

All in all the books look great. I've a minor quibble with how the artwork turned out, but I have to admit I doubt it's something anyone else would notice.

The book's popping up in pre-sale lists on vendor sites all around the internet, which is exciting to see. Burke's Book Store has placed an order in preparation for my signing event on September 3, which means the book should be available for pre-order soon there, too. Can't wait.

A friend of mine at work is reading an ARC, and says is liking it lots. Given the avid, discerning reader this person is, that's a huge compliment. And accomplishment. Looking forward to hearing those thoughts.

Meanwhile I've parked myself by the phone, in case Oprah's Book Club calls.

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